Custom Cartridge FAQ

Do you have approved lead-free ammo for the California condor zone?

Yes. We make a wider variety of calibers, with multiple bullet styles and weights, than anyone else using the approved Barnes lead-free bullets. Please read this FAQ and then visit our Orion page.

What does frangible mean?
Frangible bullets fragment rather than distort like lead. They're safer than traditional ammo because:

  • Ricochets, shoot-throughs (target), and pass-throughs (building) are greatly reduced, increasing bystander safety.
  • These projectiles are made of powdered copper and tin, with a binder and lubricant.
  • No lead means less environmental damage.

What’s the difference between SoftShotPro™ and SoftShot™?

  • In accordance with legal requirements, SoftShotPro™ is for sale only to law enforcement or military agencies because handgun calibers can penetrate certain levels of soft body armor.
  • Custom tuning to maximize performance in your weapons is available only in SoftShotPro™.
  • SoftShot™ usually leaves a residual base, whereas certain levels of SoftShotPro™ may not.
  • SoftShot™ offers the high performance and reduced hazard characteristics of SoftShotPro™, but provides only traditional performance against soft body armor.
  • Because SoftShot™ is less intensive to manufacture than SoftShotPro™, it provides a more economical alternative.
  • For a side-by-side comparison of the features of SoftShotPro™ and SoftShot™, click here.

Where can I find ballistic and pricing information?
We post technical and pricing information in our Resources section.

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