Links to more detailed information (such as catalogue sections by product line and ballistic data by product line) will be coming. We apologize for the long delays, but building ammo always takes priority over enhancing our web information, and we've been busy.

Our goal here is to provide you with, or get you to, additional, more detailed information.

We have over 50,000 loads in house, but post less than 1,500 to our web site, so as not to overwhelm visitors. If you are looking for high quality center-fire rifle and pistol ammunition, and you don't find what you want on our web site, please send us an email.

We don't do wildcats, rim-fire, or shotgun ammo, but if it's center-fire ammo you're searching for, we probably make it.


California Condor Zone, Lead Free Ammunition FAQs
Condor Zone, Non-Lead Ammo FAQs

Due to the product name change (to SoftShotPro™), our frangible ammo demo movies are not available at this time. After they are re-mastered with the new name and updated information, they will be made available again. Please contact us in the meantime for any additional information.

Target Image

Free target image

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