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Frangible ammunition for self-defense

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  • Multiple calibers available
  • One shot stop
  • Street proven, patented and tested (US Patent #6,694,888)
  • No ricochets, shoot-throughs, splashbacks, or pass-throughs
  • Increased bystander safety
  • Economical alternative for personal defense, off-duty carry, and training
  • Match grade accuracy

For civilian and professional use.

The future in frangible NOW!

SoftShot™ Review

"Don't let the name fool you. It's hard-hitting combat ammo from Custom Cartridge. of both worlds: ammunition with devastating power that also eliminates over penetration and ricochets while reducing shoot-through concerns. ... This lead-free, frangible hollow-point offers outstanding accuracy, superb muzzle energy and terminal performance that takes some of the risk out of firing a pistol in self-defense"

"SoftShot" — Guns & Ammo's Handguns Magazine, April/May 2004.



SoftShot™ Gel Shot, 223 Rem.

SoftShot™ Gel Shot, 223 Remington


SoftShot™ Gel Shot, 9mm Luger

SoftShot™ Gel Shot, 9mm Luger pistol