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About Our Ammunition
we hit the target

One look shows you the difference:

Same Shooter
Same Gun
Same Distance
Same Day

Different Ammo!


(9mm Luger)


they need our performance ammunition
Our ammunition


Their Ammunition (Big 3)

The Performance Triad — Velocity, Energy, Accuracy

This IS Rocket Science!

VelocityCustom Cartridge, Inc. offers you higher velocity through high density, specially formulated OEM powder charges.
The single most important constant in the energy formula is velocity. When using our ammo, you will get 50-250 fps more velocity at safe pressures without increased felt recoil.

EnergyHigher energies are achieved via higher velocities, improving your knock-down capability.

Utilization of specialized premium projectiles provides optimum energy deposit and penetration, assuring maximum stopping power.

SAAMI Standards Followed

CIP Standards Followed

AccuracyConsistent match grade accuracy results from precision manufacturing & strict quality control.

Our preferred grouping ... three shots touching!

CustomCartridges tight grouping will be yours!